Our approach

At our clinic we provide Brief Strategic Therapy the most innovative form of psychological therapy currently available. We are best known for our specialist treatment and success with Anxiety, Phobias and Eating Disorders. Designed and scientifically tested through 50 years of international clinical research with over 4000 clinical cases, in 85 Clinics in USA and Europe, this model has proven time and time again, to be the most effective solution currently available to treat some of the most debilitating psychological and relationship based problems.This Model of therapy allows us to resolve your concern, briefly and effectively and is scientifically proven in research.
Frequency of treatment: you will normally attend for 2 sessions only! per month Most of our cases have been resolved with 7 sessions of therapy. When therapy has concluded, we then provide a 3 month 6 month and 1 year follow up service which is completely free of charge. This is done to ensure that the changes sought are being maintained and helps us in being more effective with future patients. This treatment is only able be offered by registered and qualified professional clinical practitioners in psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy.
Brief Strategic Therapy is a scientifically verified treatment which involves the use of highly refined clinical interventions, which achieve the maximum results, that is (complete problem solution) in the quickest time possible. Brief Strategic Therapy is based on using (55 years) of scientifically tested and rigorous logical interventions that draw on psychology, communication and linguistic theory primarily although not exclusively.
The empirical-experimental research of the Brief strategic intervention protocols intended for specific clinical problems has led to the creation of the advanced Brief Strategic Therapy Model. This model’s success in the clinical field has also lead to researching its effects in other contexts such as educational, business and social contexts. The outcome of this work constitutes the elaboration of new specific protocols, techniques and strategies, for solving particular types of human problems and represents a revolutionary school of thought in Psychology and Psychotherapy.
Treatment is usually divided in to the following 7 stages:

1: Assessing what problem the person or family wants to resolve
2: A full and comprehensive analysis of any failed attempted solutions to date
3: Deciding the problem to be worked on with the clients
4: Application of our unique treatment over the course of 2 sessions per month with a maximum of 8 sessions (although in practice most problems are resolved before the 8th session)
5: We then measure the effects of our work with our clients and assess how well the problem has been solved
6: End of treatment only happens when the client is fully satisfied with the outcome
7: Final stage is a FREE OF CHARGE, brief, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year check up/ meeting with ALL patients to ensure that the problem has been fully resolved

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